Hari Raya Hols Updates

First of all, I would like to wish my friends and readers a happy Eid-ul-Fitr. Whatever wrong doings I've done for this past year, please do fogive me as I extend my humbleness to apologize. Ok. Enough of being goodie and all that - let's get to the updates part.

I flew to Miri on the 15th evening and because it's festive season, it was normal to have my flight delayed - by half an hour. And I was bored, really. Eventually, I reached Miri safe and sound just nearby midnight. And I knocked out straight after I arrived at home.

The next day, I woke up sort of early and helped my mum a bit with some house chores. After shower, I went to my grandparents' house and meet up with my Auntie Cilla. Yeah, the whole family was happy to see me as I didn't join them for Raya since 2007. I went with Auntie Cilla for her daily chores - going to banks, picked up her kids from school, last minute shopping and etc.  In the evening, we (me, my mum and sis) got ready to pick up my brother who flew from Sabah. We went out straight for break of fast buffet in Imperial Hotel - but the food wasn't nice at all. It wasn't the price worth paying for, seriously. And oh, we all went with my mum's boyfriend. Yes, my mum has a boyfriend of 8 years relationship - but I only met him twice during the 8 years. He's closer to my younger sister than me and my bro - probably because we were, and we are rebellious. And short-tempered and sarcastic too. In short, I knocked out early than usual that night, again.

17th Sept - Me and my bro officially became housemaids. We cleaned half the house  which includes the main living room and the leisure room. It sounded easy, right? But oh dear, we were really tired till we didn't wake up for break of fast - from an evening nap it became a long sleep till the next day.

18th Sept - Last minute Raya shopping. My younger siblings did their shopping lavishly as each of them was given about rm400 each to spend for raya. As for me, I have to refrain myself as I have things to pay for - I didn't want to be out of budget towards end of the month. But I did buy something for myself - a black leather handbag. It was equally worth the price to pay for. Nothing much, not a very expensive Guess or Gucci bag - just a Marie Claire. But I love it, and I'm happy I bought it.

19th Sept - Last minute shopping in the morning. Oh, and also went to Miri Plaza to look for Hubby's gift. I decided to spend a bit of cash for Hubby as I never bought anything for him - he never did let me buy anything for him. And that makes me feel bad all the time. Since I'm without him in Miri, I can buy what he needed the most. No Hubby, I won't tell what I bought for you in this blog - don't think I'm that careless, ok. *LOL* Let the suspense gets to your nerves. Had a silly argument with my mum at the complexe about when Raya is going to be. I picked 20th and she chose 21st. That night, she lost. Luckily we were done with the whole house-cleaning by evening - obviously without my mum's help. Come on, she's the Madame and we're the maids, if you get what I mean. My mum is never pumped when it comes to doing house-chores. She needs a maid.

20th Sept - First day of Raya. Lots of family pictures taken. And oh, guess what? I received "Duit Raya"!! Hahaha. I didn't expect that since the elders were all agreed to exclude me this year since I am a working adult now. But I did get some though. *LOL* Not much - just a little more than RM200. And I spent half of it in the evening for a pair of jeans and some other stuffs. One word - happy. First day of Raya was spent visiting my mum's friends. All of the houses we visited were of her friends. Not a fun thing to do. But my ex-schoolmates did come to my house late in the evening. Thanks for coming, guys. And girls. It was a pleasure to meet up after a few years.

21st Sept - My mum's birthday. And 2nd day of Raya. Went out with my other half, Amoi, to visit some of our friends. Made up a list of 10 names to visit - but only manage to visit not more than 3 of them. Will continue today, I guessed. And oh, a lot of pictures taken. Not going to upload them here. Again, I slept early last night.

I'm unsure what to do today. I know I need to give back the handphone charger to Auntie Cilla. I want to go out visiting again, but so far no plans were told to me. Plus, it's still early for visiting - it's only 9.50 am now. I bet my friends are still snoring in beds, and I haven't even brush my teeth, left alone taking shower. 

I can say, so far this year's Raya is one of the best I've had after a long few years. Right, I need to puff some smoke now, else I'll be in bed back.

p/s: Pictures will be uploaded by end of this week into my Facebook. Y'all can grab the pictures from my album, right?